Shai Portugaly

Keys, Voice
Shai Portugaly

Shai Portugaly is a musician (Singer, Pianist, Songwriter) and educator from Israel, currently living between NY and Ecuador and teaching people all around the world to connect and express themselves using the wonderful language of music.

After years of living the life of touring around the world, collaborating and recording with huge artists such as Grammy Award winner A. R. Rahman, being a leading member of the Berklee Indian Ensemble, and teaching music to dozens of students, Shai found that SONGWRITING is the most powerful way for her to process her emotions, understand and accept herself. Music is perhaps the only thing which connects ALL parts of the brain, and while it uses words, it also gives us access to the subconscious, to emotions, and to some less known, more abstract aspects of ourselves.

Shai’s vast and rich musical experience, across genres, languages, traditions and instruments, allows her to see beyond into the essence of music, which for her is connection, vulnerability, authenticity and courage.

Shai’s first album “A Date With A Piano” came to light in the beginning of 2021, including live videos from the recording studio. The album contains songs she’s written in 3 languages - Hebrew, English and Spanish, expressing her inner world, as vulnerable as she’s ever been.

Where they grew up:
Rishon LeZion , Israel
Favourite BIE Song:
Sundari Pennae
Least Favourite BIE Song:
haha, for some reason Mannipaaya keeps jumping in my head right now so i'll let it have the honor!
Cooks an AMAZING:
Vegan Sushi
Third Favourite Color:
I don't believe in 3rd favourite colors.