Aleif Hamdan

Aleif Hamdan

Aleif Hamdan is a New York City-based guitarist, arranger and composer; born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and of Malaysian origin. For the past ten years, Aleif has been an in-demand session/touring musician, working on projects across a diverse range of styles. Aleif’s recent history of work and performance has involved artists such as A.R. Rahman, Jesse Colin Young, Colin Linden, Zakir Hussain, and V. Selvaganesh, amongst many others. 

Aleif has become well-known for his distinct tone, sense of phrasing, and versatility; deeply understanding a wide range of idioms, which started with his roots in blues and classic rock, eventually expanding to the areas of jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop and world music. 

In his recent performance work, Aleif has been an active touring musician in the states, being the primary guitarist for Jesse Colin Young, an icon of the 1960’s counterculture era. As a writer, his 2016 album “Emblem” was released to critical acclaim, receiving positive reviews and appearing on several “Best of” lists in a number of publications. More recently, he has been working on several projects that combine elements of Indian classical and Western contemporary music; establishing and arranging modern contexts in how they may relate. Aleif’s strongest passion in music lies in taking influence from diversity, and finding common ground amongst it.

Where they grew up:
Jakarta, Indonesia
Favourite BIE Song:
Sapnon Se Bhare Naina (EDM Medley) - vibe central!
Least Favourite BIE Song:
Rasathi :)
Cooks an AMAZING:
Fried Rice
Third Favourite Color: